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Bookings are now open for the 2023/2024 Great Walks Season! The Milford, Routeburn and Kepler Track Transport Packages and Sector Transport can now be booked online.

Milford Track Winter - Out Of Season

There are no further departures available for Winter off-season Milford Track Transport for 2023

Experience the world-famous Milford Track outside of the Great Walks season.
Winter offers some of the most settled weather conditions and most beautiful scenery which you can enjoy at this time of year without the crowds. Milford Track in winter is for experienced hikers who want to explore the area before the hectic summer season begins. Tracknet offers a Milford Track transport package from Te Anau to the Milford Track & return for just $240.00 per person.

How to book Milford Track in Winter

Are you an experienced hiker itching for some winter outdoor adventure? The Milford Track can be walked during May-October, conditions permitting.

Tracknet make it simple for you to book your Milford Track transport with our package deals.


Get Hut Tickets

In winter the huts aren't serviced and all equipment required for completing the walk will need to be carried by you and your tramping party. Visit your nearest Department of Conservation office to purchase hut tickets, or visit the website to find your closest Backcountry Hut ticket retailer.
Hut Info

Book Transport

Milford Track transport departs from Te Anau at 7:30am for hiking between the 2nd May - 19th May 2023. Other departures may be available on-demand, please contact us.
Bookings are essential and are dependent on weather, track, lake, and road conditions.
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Be Prepared!

You are responsible for your own safety and ensuring that you have the correct equipment, knowledge, and experience to complete the Track. During the winter, walking times may need to be increased due to more difficult walking conditions and natural hazards.
Get Organised

Book your transport departing from Fiordland Base Camp at the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park & Motels. From here we offer free overnight parking under camera surveillance and free locker facilities for the duration of your walk. We offer barista Roar coffee to purchase and showers are also available for $15.00 per person for a post-walk freshen up. There is a great range of accommodation here, so you can stay and relax after your walk before travelling on.


Bookings are essential to confirm your seat. Check availability, departure times and book online to receive instant email confirmation. Alternatively, if you require further details, call us on freephone: 0800 483 262.
For private transfers or charters please enquire to:

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Milford Track Winter Info

There are no further departures available for off-season Milford Track Transport for 2023

Out of Season Milford Track Transport package is available to book for hiking between the 2nd May - 19th May 2023 (note this is weather permitting & minimum number of 6 passengers is required to confirm a departure).

Bookings are essential as all departures operate on demand, however, all departures are weather, track, lake, and road dependent as conditions can change quickly in Fiordland. Tracknet will not transport passengers if weather & conditions are deemed dangerous or unsuitable.

There is a maximum of 9 people per bus and boat transfer. The 10:00am departure will only be available once the 7:30am departure is fully booked. A minimum of 6 passengers is also required. There may be additional departures available for groups, please contact us for further information.

If the track is closed after walking has begun, Tracknet and their partners reserve the right to use any remaining portion of ticketed fare towards the cost of hiker's transport to safety, in extreme cases clients will be liable for extra transport expenses.

Each departure can only be confirmed 24-48 hours in advance once forecasts and the latest track conditions are at hand. Please allow up to 1 working day for your full confirmation email and we will be in touch 24-48 hours before departure to confirm your transport.

Booking Information 2023

Please read the following information which outlines important aspects for you to consider when walking the Milford Track during the Winter.

  • The Huts are not serviced, you need to be self-sufficient and require your own gas for cooking, organise collection of own water, firewood etc. You will need to be confident that you and your group have the necessary skills, fitness, and equipment for winter tramping. Know your limits.
  • Hut tickets can be purchased from the Department of Conservation office (DOC) or your nearest Backcountry Hut ticket retailer as identified on this website.
  • You must fill out an intentions form and fill in hut books as you walk.
  • You must carry either a mountain radio and/or locator beacon. Tracknet will not transport you unless you or your group has at least one of these. These are available to hire in Te Anau.
  • You must read winter walking conditions, and Track Alerts on the DOC website and check with the Te Anau DOC Visitor Centre before your trip for the latest track conditions.
  • You must check the latest weather report and be prepared to change your plans if conditions are unfavourable. Weather changes will affect conditions in the backcountry.
  • Know the outdoor safety code. Ensure your group is well equipped and carrying the correct equipment for your journey for alpine, river crossings and winter conditions.
  • Bridges are removed for the winter season. Unbridged river crossings are very dangerous and extremely hazardous. During and after heavy rain, rivers and streams in this region rise rapidly and flooding of the track is common. River and stream levels will drop rapidly once rain stops. If you are caught between flooded streams seek higher ground and wait for water levels to drop. BE PREPARED TO WAIT. Knowledge and experience in river crossings is essential for your survival. If in doubt, DO NOT CROSS.
  • Snow and ice may be present in the alpine section, alpine equipment required. Navigation and alpine skills are essential for your survival. There are over 57 avalanche paths on the Milford Track and avalanche conditions can be checked here.
  • Take extra food/supplies in case you are delayed on the track – allow for at least 2 extra days.
  • All departures are weather/track/lake/road dependent. Conditions can change quickly. Tracknet will not transport passengers if weather and conditions are deemed dangerous or unsuitable.
  • Tracknet reserves the right not to transport poorly equipped individuals (including those without a locator beacon).
  • Operated by Tracknet in conjunction with Milford Sound Sea Kayaks, commencing as conditions such as snow or weather allow the track to be passable.
  • During the Off-Peak/Winter Season (May to mid-October) the Milford Track remains open, lake, weather, and track conditions permitting transport to and from the track may be changeable.
  • This product is not Endorsed as part of the Qualmark License held by Tracknet. Tracknet reserves all rights.

Bookings: You can check departure times and availability online. Book online and receive an instant email confirmation. Alternatively, please contact us to make your bookings or for further details.

Bus Timetable

There are no further departures available for off-season Milford Track Transport for 2023
Milford Track Winter Timetable Departure Times Travel Time
Bus Te Anau to Te Anau Downs 7:30am 10:00am* Included 30 minutes
Boat from Te Anau Downs to Glade Wharf 8:00am 10:30am* $110.00 pp 1 hour
Boat from Sandfly Point to Milford Sound 2:00pm $50.00 pp 15 minutes
Milford Sound to Te Anau 3:00pm $65.00 pp 2 hrs & 15 mins

* The 10:00am departure will only be available once the 7:30am departure is full. Minimum of 6 passengers also required.

Fiordland Base Camp

The Tracknet office is based at the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park & Motels (77 Manapouri - Te Anau Highway, Te Anau), and because of our fantastic location we are able to offer our customers so much more than just transport! Stay with us at Fiordland's Base Camp, and take advantage of these convenient extras

  • Wide variety of accommodation options available
  • Across the road from the Department of Conservation (DOC) office, where you can pickup your hut tickets
  • FREE overnight carparking
  • FREE excess luggage storage
  • 10 -minute walk into Te Anau town centre to supermarkets & restaurants
  • Showers after your walk for $15.00 per person
  • Coffee shop on site

We have been organising track transport in Te Anau for over 30 years, so know what people need to get them there. Make your trip even easier and book your accommodation at the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park & Motels, your Fiordland Base Camp.

Hut Information
DOC hut fees apply – hut tickets are available at DOC Centres.
In the Winter Season bridges are removed to avoid damage from avalanches and some facilities are unavailable. Hut tickets are necessary. Radios, gas cooking rings, fuel for heating and lighting are removed from huts. They will not have running water, but a nearby water supply is available. Flush toilets are closed, there will be a winter pit toilet provided.

Equipment Considerations
In addition to the equipment listed for walking during the Great Walks Peak Season you should also carry: a gas cooker, toilet paper, torch or gas light for at night in the huts, extra food in case you are delayed on the track, extra warm clothing, mountain radio and/or personal locator beacon (PLB). Your pack should have a pack liner to keep your gear dry.

Hiring Equipment
Mountain Radios and Personal Locator Beacons can be hired in Te Anau from Stu’s Place (Mountain Radio’s) +64 3 249 8363 and Caltex Te Anau (Personal Locator Beacons) +64 3 249 7140.
If you require any additional gear there are hire and provisions available in Te Anau. You can hire tramping gear from Bev’s Tramping Gear Hire and/or Outside Sports.
Accommodation, showers, spa bath, laundry, car storage, baggage storage and lockers are available at the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park & Motels

When you arrive at Glade Wharf on the Milford Track, you will be asked to walk through a 5% detergent to 95% water solution – this will kill any Didymo (an invasive Freshwater plant) which may be on your boots. If you have any other gear (such as gaiters or waders) please check, clean (using a 5% detergent to 95% water solution) and dry your gear BEFORE and AFTER your travels through Fiordland National Park – and any other area in New Zealand.

Image from: DOC

Milford Track Information

The 53.5 km Milford Track is in the heart of spectacular Fiordland National Park, which is part of the Te Wahi Pounamu, South West New Zealand World Heritage Area.

The Milford Track starts at the head of Lake Te Anau and finishes in Milford Sound. Te Anau is the nearest township to the start of the track. It is 150kms from Invercargill; 180kms from Queenstown; 300kms from Dunedin and 650kms from Christchurch. Te Anau has a full range of accommodation, hire services and car storage.

Often described as the finest walk in the world, the Milford Track is one of New Zealand’s most popular. The track can only be walked in one direction, as a 4 day / 3 night walk – Glade Wharf to Milford Sound, during the Great Walks Summer Season (late October to late April). Only 40 Independent Walkers and a similar number of Guided walkers are permitted to start the track each day. Booking during summer is essential – contact the Department of Conservation to reserve your hut space on the Track.

The Milford Track passes through the beech forests of a sheer-sided glacial valley as it gradually climbs and follows the usually crystal-clear Clinton River to the foot of Mackinnon Pass. From the pass (1073 metres) spectacular views of the surrounding mountains are obtained. The Sutherland Falls, the highest waterfall in New Zealand can be seen after the descent from the pass. The higher rainfall and milder temperatures of the Arthur Valley give a more diverse forest walk, past waterfalls and lakes to Sandfly Point. A wide variety of native birds may be seen or heard along the length of the track.

Your walk concludes at Sandfly Point, where a ferry will take you the short distance across the bay to Milford Sound. Here is where the Tracknet bus departs to take you on your onward journey to the Divide, Te Anau Downs, Te Anau or Queenstown.

Summer Season Transport Information

Freedom walk one of the finest tracks in Fiordland National Park during the Great Walks season (October - April). Full Tracknet transport services connect with each boat to and from the Milford Track during the great walks season. Charter services by prior arrangement.

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