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Hollyford Track

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A picturesque stream running through the ferns and trees
The Hollyford Track is a 4-5 day tramp that follows the Hollyford River from the Hollyford Road End to Martins Bay. The track is 56 kilometres long (one way) and follows the path of an ancient glacier down the Hollyford Valley to the sea on the West Coast. The Hollyford Track is at low altitude, and it's possible to be walked at any time of the year by those with moderate fitness.

There is an entry/exit point by road, at the Hollyford Road End. Access by aircraft and helicopter to Martins Bay is possible, and pre-arranged jetboat transport is available across Lake McKerrow during the summer season. Backcountry hut tickets are required to stay in the huts (or a backcountry hut pass).

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Narrow single person swingbridge overtop of the swirling rapids of the Hollyford river

About the Hollyford Track

The Hollyford Track in Fiordland is a pristine wilderness trail that offers an unforgettable journey through some of the country's most breathtaking landscapes. This 56-kilometre-long trail takes hikers on a captivating journey from the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps to the rugged and remote West Coast.

The track winds its way through ancient beech forests, alongside cascading waterfalls, and along the shores of stunning lakes. Hikers can explore the serenity of Lake Alabaster, witness the awe-inspiring sight of Humboldt Falls, and experience the deep solitude of the Hollyford Valley.

There are six DOC huts on the Hollyford Track available for trampers, and camping with a tent is allowable next to the huts. Backcountry Hut Tickets are required to stay in the huts or to camp, and these can be purchased from the Department of Conservation. Huts operate on a first-come, first-served basis and provide basic facilities such as fireplaces, mattresses, and pit toilets. Visitors would need to carry a portable stove/cooker with them.

The Pyke-Big Bay Route provides a round trip, but is not well defined in places and should only be attempted by very experienced and well-equipped parties. It is essential to enquire about the conditions of the route with the Department of Conservation before starting your trip on the Hollyford Track.

The Hollyford Track begins/ends at The Hollyford Road End, which is a two-hour drive from Te Anau towards Milford Sound. Stay in Te Anau the night before you intend to travel, and you will wake up fresh and ready to begin your walk into Fiordland National Park. Check out the Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park & Motels where there is a large range of accommodation.

Hollyford Road End Charters:

  • Private charters are available on request from Te Anau to the Hollyford Road End (or return)
  • The charter rate is $564.00 for 1-11 passengers (valid from 2nd October 2023 - 30th April 2024)

Summer Timetable 2023/2024

From: Departure Times Travel Time
Te Anau to Marian Corner 7:15am, 9:45am & 1:25pm 1hr & 30mins
Queenstown to Marian Corner 6:55am & 10:30am 4hrs & 15mins
To: Departure Times Travel Time
Marian Corner to Te Anau 10:05am, 3:10pm & 5:40pm 1hr & 30mins
Marian Corner to Queenstown 10:05am & 3:10pm 4hrs & 15mins
To: Departure Times Rate
Charter rate: Te Anau to Hollyford Road End Contact Us $564.00 (1-11 pax)


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